1,300,000 تومان
تولید کننده: ادیفایر
مدل کالا: C2XD
موجودی: موجود نمی باشد

گزینه های در دسترس



2.1 speaker system with Edifier’s signature distortion control technology.

  • Independent amplifier with LED display
  • 3.5mm, Optical and RCA input options for connectivity
  • Edifier Electronic Intelligent Distortion Control (EIDC)
  • IR remote control for easy adjustment




Beautifully crafted in a modern and robust design, C2XD is an ideal audio solution for music enthusiasts and dedicated gamers alike.

Armed with Edifier Electronic Intelligent Distortion Control (EIDC) technology, it dynamically manages output and avoids audio distortion when you crank up the volume.

With a generous subwoofer and a stand-alone amplifier, this 2.1 speaker is engineered for rich, exhilarating sound.








ndependent amplifier

C2XD’s amplifier is a stand-alone unit, so that the speakers can be placed optimally. Other useful features include an LCD display, and a headphone jack conveniently located on the side of the amplifier.








The generous 6½" subwoofer produces an incredible 35 watts RMS, while the satellites produce 18 watts RMS.










Precise control

The wireless, multifunctional remote gives you precise control over volume, bass and treble adjustments, input selection, mute and standby. Whatever your music taste is, you are in full control.







Multiple input options

C2XD is equipped with optical, RCA and auxiliary input options. MP3 players, game consoles, PC and laptop, you name it. It can take whatever gadget you throw at it.









مشخصات فنی
توان خروجی R/L: RMS 9W x 2 , SW: RMS 35W
نوع ورودی PC/AUX/Optical
نسبت سیگنال به نویز ≥85dBA
حساسیت ورودی R/L: 450mV ± 50mV , SW: 150mV ± 50mV
ابعاد بلند گو های داخلی bass unit: 6½ inch(166mm) , Mid-Range unit : 3 inch(78mm) Treble unit : 3/4 inch
فرکانس 55Hz-18kHz (±6dB)
مشخصات فیزیکی
ابعاد(میلی متر) Amplifier: 250 x 78 x 255 (W x H x D) , Satellite: 130 x 90 x 180(W x H x D) , Subwoofer: 288 x 23 x 242(W x H x D)
وزن خالص 7.8Kg (net) | 8.9Kg (gross)
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