MSI S12 Touch

1,240,000 تومان
تولید کننده: ام اس آی
مدل کالا: S12 Touch
موجودی: موجود نمی باشد

گزینه های در دسترس



AMD Kabini E1-Series/A4-Series APU

The S12T features AMD latest power-sipping Kabini platform with your choice of E1 duo-core or high-end A4 quad-core series APU. Kabini comes with enhanced overall computing and graphic performance that blasts away all competition in the same category.


Classic brushed aluminum finish

The brushed aluminum cover is both stylish and classy





Nimble touch screen

10-point multi-touch screen allows you to control Windows 8 smoothly and with precision




Supports mSATA SSD optional for performance boost up*

The mSATA SSD compared to HDD, It can speed up read-write time for faster boot-ups and quicker response times. You'll be impressed with the mSATA SSD's superior read-write performance.
*mSATA SSD optional


High-Definition Multimedia Interface

The S12T HDMI output not only delivers super-fast 5GB per second data rates, but it also reduces cable clutter, while ensuring the best possible video quality. By taking advantage of HDMI, the S12T can render game scenes with spectacular clarity and realism, making it a great choice for the next generation of both PC and online games.


The latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology

The major improvement of Bluetooth 4.0 over 3.0 is that devices transfer much more data, using less power. Devices can also connect and begin transferring data in as little as 3 milliseconds. It also effectively transfers data within a greatly expanded range (over 100 meters) and uses the AES-128 CCM authenticated encryption algorithm, ensuring better security.


Built-in 720P HD Webcam





Latest & fastest data transfer technology USB3.0





مشخصات فنی
پردازنده AMD Dual Core E1-2100 APU
حافظه RAM 4GB DDR3
گرافیک AMD Radeon HD 8210
حافظه ذخیره سازی 500GB HDD
صفحه نمایش HD 11.6" 1366x768- Glare Type
صفحه لمسی 10Point Touch
باطری 3Cells
درگاه ها
شبکه محلی GLAN
شبکه محلی بی سیم دارد
USB 3.0 دارد
USB 2.0 دارد
بلوتوث دارد
خروجی HDMI دارد
MiniDP دارد
کارت خوان دارد
دوربین HD
مشخصات فیزیکی
وزن خالص 1.3KG
سایر امکانات
ماوس دارد

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