600,000 تومان
تولید کننده: ادیفایر
مدل کالا: MP280
موجودی: در انبار

گزینه های در دسترس







Perfect 360-Degree Sound

The cylindrical design uses the reflective cone structure to produce an exquisite style that defines luxury. Using professional grade audio DSP chips, you can only expect the best sound. The long lasting lithium-ion battery produces up to 10 hours of constant use. Perfect for a weekend get away.







Uncompromising Craftsmanship

The etching of the metal grille evokes a sense of luxury made from silicone material suitable for portable speakers

















The minimalistic button design is used for ensuring simplicity and ease of use. A combination of the buttons results in multiple uses such as adjusting the volume, pause and playing tracks, change songs, and show the battery indicator.






10 Hours Of Continuous Playback

Thanks to the power of the lithium battery the MP280 offers up to 10 hours of continuous playback making it an ideal speaker for camping trips and travelling.





Emergency Charging Station

Is your phone running out of battery life? Use the MP280 as an emergency recharge station to keep your phone alive and play your favourite songs at the same time.





Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible Speaker

Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology wirelessly connect your phone to the MP280 portable speaker. Bluetooth 4.0 offers high quality playback up to 10 metres or 32 feet.


مشخصات فنی
توان خروجی RMS 4W*2
نوع ورودی micro SD Card/Bluetooth/LINE IN
نسبت سیگنال به نویز ⩾80dBA
حساسیت ورودی 800±50mV
فرکانس 75Hz-18kHz
مشخصات فیزیکی
وزن خالص 0.51KG
سایر امکانات
NFC دارد
باطری دارد

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