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 Intuitive Playback ControlsWith the on-ear playback controls easily adjust and change your audio to how you see fit. Never reach for your device to adjust the volume or switch between tr..
 Earphones With A Great SoundExperience exceptional sound quality with the H210P. Designed with a black copper clad aluminum voice coil for enhanced sound quality. High-performance magnet..
 Gaming headphoneFeaturing 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers to provide enhanced bass power, these headphones are designed to make the game come to life. Available in black with red accents, ..
 Unique Appearance and SoundGet ready for sounds you have never heard before in a style you haven’t seen from us before. The Edifier P265 has a compact form better for fitting in yo..
   Detachable micFeaturing a removable microphone, you can easily use the K830 as headphones. Plug in the bendable microphone when you need to conduct calls.  ..
  Waterproof and DustproofThese earphones are incased in a protected shell that keeps out the elements. The P281 fully submerged into 3-feet (1 meter) of water can reemerge after..
  H840 Headphones ImprovedWelcome to the next evolution of the H840 headphones! We have listened to our customers and received an enormous amount of feedback on our widely popula..
  High performance 40mm Neodymium unit makes this headset the perfect fit for gaming and online conversation needs. Offering a strong bass and high-quality treble, the K800 will help..
   Gaming is an adventure and without the right sound you miss half of it. Edifier’s K815 is equipped with 40mm NdFeb drivers to produce a strong bass and clearer soun..
  Clearer SoundEdifier has innovated the H210 earphones. Engineered with a 9mm neodymium magnet drivers and 6 micro diaphragms, these top-selling earphones are known for their cl..
Pure appearanceClassic designed with Hi-Fi features deliver powerful sound. Engineered to isolate sound, you can listen to your music without disturbance from the outside world.  ..
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